Ambassador Program

Help Kids’ Chance of Florida grow by becoming a Kids’ Chance Ambassador! Our Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who help spread the word about Kids’ Chance; getting the word to students in need and helping us grow by expanding our partners in the community.

For a list of our current Kids’ Chance of Florida Ambassadors, click here.

Following is a summary of the KCFL Ambassador Program:

Ambassador Program – Ambassador Roles and Skills

The Ambassador Program requires the right mix of resources and people. With ambassadors who have the right blend of skills, personality, and credibility, our campaigns will be successful and fundraising goals can be met. Ambassadors should be targeted based on stated characteristics and recommendations made by the board and other supporters.

Ambassador Role:

  • Assist in the creation of content and buzz for our cause.
  • Share specific messages.
  • Give feedback on marketing messaging for campaign launch.
  • Generate ideas for new donor prospects.
  • Assist with relationship building and donor tracking and follow up.

Core Traits of an Ambassador:

At a very high-level, an ambassador is anyone who is enthusiastic about our organization. An ideal ambassador is the person that will influence our target donor market.

Communication Skills

Ambassadors should have a solid understanding of communication and marketing, and an appreciation for the importance of authenticity and messaging

A High Level of Professionalism

Selected individuals should represent the organization well. They’ll be talking about KCOF and encouraging others to check out our cause. They will be influencing how others perceive our organization.

Natural Leadership Skills

Ambassadors should be credible and knowledgeable, the type of individuals that others seek out for their opinions because they exude confidence and positivity.

A Passion for Building and Growing Relationships

Ambassadors need a passion for fostering strong, loyal relationships between our donors and our brand. Our ambassadors should not only be passionate about KCOF and intimately familiar with our organization, they should also be skilled at making deep connections with others on our behalf.

The Ability to Gather Feedback and Provide Innovative Insight

Ambassadors should gather feedback based on their experience, as well as their conversations with our donors and potential donors. This information can provide critical intelligence that helps improve our program approach.

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